OPTI CS-120 Portable DJ Booth
OPT CS-120 DJ Booth

OPTI CS-120 Portable DJ Booth

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Part Number:OPTI CS120 DJ Booth

A portable, quick to assemble, easy to carry, customizable work station for DJs, sound engineers, lighting designers, exhibitions and retail environments.

This stand is made predominantly from OPTI's famous Trilite aluminium trussing range with perspex front piece & side panels, and aluminium shelves. The whole booth weighs less than 40Kgs and takes just a couple of minutes for one person to put together (no tools required!).

The main shelf is a single piece of Aluminium and will carry a full load of Sound Desks, DJ controllers, Lighting Controllers, Laptops / Computers, Turntables, CDJs etc

An additional sloping shelf - also Aluminium - sits above the main shelf and will take lighting controllers, additional mixers, radio mic receivers, laptops and other equipment. You can even use it for high tech items like pen and paper!

The main shelf is 1100mm across and so has ample space. With a height of around 94cm it is a great working platform.

The front of the side pieces is made from TRILITE, giving a strong visual impression. The triangular front sections then taper to single width ladder- truss formed into a trapezium shape. The two front, top corners are finished with a simple square aluminium platform that easily slots into the triangular uprights. You can use this for monitor speakers, moving heads or other lighting effects. These platforms or top plates can be removed so that extended plinth columns or overhead bars can be created. This is where the customisation potential kicks in...

As you think about adding extra parts to your OPTI CS120 just let your imagination run... and then talk with us about what you want to create. We will work with the tech guys at OPTI to find the most practical and cost effective way of creating your ideas. Your OPTI CS120 can be a living, evolving part of your show. You can keep coming back for modifications as you see different ways you want to use it.

A variety of small parts are also available for mounting computer monitors and other equipment so you can create the right booth for your needs.

Adding backlighting and uplighting really brings the Control Station to life. We can have the perspex panels vinyl printed to your custom specification, allowing even more customisation.

A set of two custom-made bags (designed and manufactured in the UK) are available as an optional extra

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