TRAKTOR Overlays
Traktor Overlays

TRAKTOR Overlays

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New Traktor PRO overlays for the Allen and Heath Xone 4D and 3D

All Xone 3D users, please be aware that these overlays will only fit on the second generation of the Xone 3D.  To know for sure if your 3D is a second generation model you will have to look at the serial number.  The serial number must start with the following "X23D......"  If there is no "2" before the "3D" in the serial number you have the first version and it will not fit)

These overlays are the same overlays that used to come with the Xone 3D.  A&H stopped providing these overlays once the 4D was introduced.  Allen and Heath found them to be too expensive to manufacture and they decided to no longer supply these overlays.  Many 3D and 4D users were very disappointed and frustrated to not have these overlays available and until now they were not available. 

This set of overlays is for the Xone 3D and 4D TRAKTOR PRO ADVANCED MIDI maps.  These advanced MIDI maps can be found at the Xone website.  http://www.xone.co.uk/  

It is recomended that you download and install the correct MIDI MAP for the version of TRAKTOR PRO that you ar using.

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