The beginning of our blog - starting with a bang

Posted by Athena A on 11/6/2010 to Life at the Store
We decided to start our store blog to keep you up to date on happenings at the store. How appropriate we decided to start this today! While we were cleaning, a car almost crashed into the front of our store! No joke people. I can't make this up.

Between 5 or 6 pm today, there was a loud bang in front of our store. If you don't know already, we are located at 205 Sunrise Hwy in Rockville Centre, LI. A lady crashed her silver car into a tree less than 10 feet from our store. If there was no tree, there would be no store front. One of the cleaning ladies rushed out and made sure the woman was ok and helped her out until the ambulance came. I returned after all the fireworks because a call from Gloria about a problem and I need to come quick. All I saw pulling up was fire trucks and cops and police vehicles and I freaked out.

Thank god no one was hurt! What an opening week!

To see pictures of the accident, visit our Facebook page
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