Vestax PCV-175 Rotary
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Vestax PCV-175 Rotary

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The popular Titanium Vestax series mixers - PMC-03A, PMC-170A, PMC-15 MKII - and the Gold series PMC-270A, have been re-born with the inclusion of Vestax's own new generation crossfader - the PCV fader (Plastic Conductive Volume). The addition of this new fader, new circuitry and a brand new look, make the new PCV fader Series mixers the correct choice for professional quality and long-term durability, at a sensible price.

The PCV Cross fader, researched, developed, designed and manufactured exclusively by Vestax, improves the quality and durability of the cross fader to the highest possible level available today. In the past, plastic coated faders have been applied only to very high-end broadcast or recording mixing consoles. The new Vestax PCV fader provides the highest quality fader for today's DJs. Currently available in the Vestax Pro series mixers - PMC-05Pro, PMC-6Pro and PMC-07Pro - the inclusion of the PCV Crossfader in this new series offers the highest quality cross fader solution to DJ's at a mid level price point.

The Vestax PCV Cross Fader has been tested to 2 million passes without audible loss of quality. (Normal high quality faders often "die" after only 100,000 passes)

3-band EQ +6/-24 dB
A cut switch is provided on each band of EQ
Faders and front panel can now be replaced with optional rotary input dials for House DJ's
Original Vestax PCV fader (user replaceable IF 17's)

Technical Info


Phono inputs: Stereo (RIAA 42dBv;RCA) x 3
Line inputs: Stereo (-10dBv; RCA) x5
Microphone Inputs: (-50dBv; Jack 1/4") x4
Effect return inputs: Stereo (-10dBV;Jack 1/4")

Line out: 1 Stereo (-4dBV; RCA)
Record out: Stereo (-10dB; RCA)
Monitor headphone out: Stereo (130mW; Jack 1/4 in. )
Effects send: -10dBv Jack 1/4 in.

3/6 (3 stereo, 3 mono) Channel 1 (PGM1): Input switch phono 1 /line 1/ line 2
Channel 2 (SUB): Input switch phono 2 /line 1/ main microphone
Channel 3 (PGM2): Input switch phono 3 /line 4/ line5
Channel 1+2+3: Input trim control; Balance L- R; 3 - band equalizer: Low +6/-24dB at 80 Hz, mid +6/- 24dB at 1 kHz, High; +6/-24dB at 10kHz; Cut switches: high; mid; low Effect selector switch: in-out; PFL selector switch: on-off; LED Overload indicator; Input fader: 60mm (User replaceable).
Channel 4+5+6 (Microphone): Volume (control (each); 2 - band equalizer: low +12/-12dB, high +12/-12dB; Effect selector switch: on - off.

Balance L-R
Master output level control
Stereo output level LED bar display
Effects: Send control, return control
PFL switch: On - off
Monitor: Phones level control
Cross-fader: PCV Channel 1-2

Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz.+/- 3d
S/N Ration: >85dB
Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 110 x 220 mm. (19 inch 5U)
Weight: 4kg
Power Supply: Vestax DC-15 A
Accessories / User Replaceable Parts:
Cross-fader: CF-PVC 45mm
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