Vestax VCI-400 Professional Midi & Audio DJ Controller bundled with Full version Serato DJ
Vestax VCI-400 Top view

Vestax VCI-400 Professional Midi & Audio DJ Controller bundled with Full version Serato DJ

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The VCI-400 is the hardware solution for DJs who have been seeking an instrument that perfectly adapts to their style of performance. Shifting focus from integrity with bundled DJ software to any DJ software has made the VCI-400 the most versatile and intuitive DJ controller in its league. Along with itʼs excellent potential for customizing control assignments, the VCI-400 and its ergonomic 4-channel lay out provides perfect control for standard DJ software operation such as cueing, pitch control, looping, FX control, track browsing/loading, triggering samples and scratching.

The symmetrical intuitive control surface consists of iconic Vestax features such as the high-resolution JOG wheels with torque & sensitivity control. The option to adjust each parameter enables DJs to tailor the functionality of the JOG wheels to the most suitable for their style. The large aluminum Filter knobs are also a distinctive Vestax feature that has been inherited from previous Vestax quality hardware. The highly responsive multi-mode transport section triggers layers of controls instantly, which is perfect for finger drummers and controllerists. All buttons are backlit with high-intensity LEDs, and along with the built-in LED Meter input faders, the VCI-400 provides excellent visual support for DJs in any environment 

The integrated audio interface uses a studio-grade asynchronous USB streaming system, to provide low-latency, bit-perfect audio at 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution. This newly designed audio system combines a dual-core digital processor with carefully selected analogue components, to deliver clear and powerful sound.

The VCI-400 is bundled with Serato DJ Intro and Virutal DJ LE 4 Decks for immediate DJ experience out of the box. A blank overlay for DJs who seek to customize MIDI assigns and create their own layout is also included. MIDI maps for a variety of software including TRAKTOR PRO 2, MixVibes, TORQ2, Deckadance and more will be available from vestax.com.

The biggest advantage of using a controller to DJ is regardless its compact size, having all necessary controls in one unit and being able to transport/ play all your songs from a laptop. But the VCI-400 brings you another advantage that is often overlooked; the great ability to customize how the controller works with software. The customizability of the VCI-400 is nothing like any other and provides options that will spark your imagination. We here at JK Pro Audio believe this highly versatile control surface will map to your style, and the multi mode transport buttons allows for great finger drum skills. Whatever your style is, whatever control function it is that you want to assign, the Vestax VCI-400 will have the best options for you.

The Sound quality of a DJ controller is determined by its D/A conversion capability. There were no compromises when Vestax desgned the new audio system built-in to the VCI-400 which uses a studio-grade asynchronous USB streaming system and provides a low-latency, bit-perfect audio at 24-bit/48kHz resolution, with high level output. On the road or in the studio, the VCI-400 simply sounds awesome.

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